When I quit my job I was terrified. The next day I woke up with an idea. Violeta, 2Birdies

When I quit my job I was terrified. The next day I woke up with an idea. Violeta, 2Birdies

“I remember the day I quit my well-paid job as a fashion designer. I left with great confidence because I’d been wanting to go freelance for a while and I thought that was the right moment for me. I also remember how I felt just 3 days after that – I was terrified of not knowing what to do next, I asked myself why did I leave and wondered how I’d get money to live by. That was one of the most depressing days of my life.

As strange as it may sound I woke up the next morning with an idea. I understand that is a total cliché but that’s how it all happened. I got the idea of cards and posters with positive messages in Bulgarian, with simple design, bringing emotion every day.

I wrote down the idea on a sheet of paper and though about who to call to help me out. The name of a close friend was the first thing that popped inside my mind. I said to myself: *I’ll share the idea with her and if she’s the right person she’ll grab on to it and contribute.* And that’s exactly how it happened. Since then Mariya and I have been working on 2Birdies.com together.

We chose to go with positive messages because we want to challenge people not to be stingy with their words and help them show people their gratitude, love and support. Cards are a great way to show attitude!

The whole idea started very emotionally, typical for two women. But soon enough we had to face the business side of the project. Fortunately we are growing very steadily for a new business.”

“Do you see yourself going back to the treadmill?

“Not really. Working for yourself is totally different. Yes, you cannot count on steady income and it’s more insecure but the freedom that comes with it is irreplaceable. That was the idea behind our name – 2Birdies, the bird as a symbol of pure freedom and strive to fulfill your dreams.”

“How do you see the project in a few years?”

“Definitely large-scale. We want our cards, posters and cups to be part of big chains. And of course add on other good products.”

“What do you think is important when you start a business?”

“Firstly to express yourself. My idea was never to created something driven by consumerism. The messages to a great extent represent Mariya and me as people. The other thing is to be very honest with your customers and offer them something different and of good quality.”

“What would you say to someone who’s afraid to start their own business?”

There is no perfect moment when you’re going to be fully ready to start a business. I’ve always wanted to have something of my own but I was always reasoning with myself: *I’m not ready yet*, *I don’t have enough money*, *I don’t have enough experience*. The truth is that you will never feel ready. So start while you still have passion and enthusiasm for your idea.”



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