We riked it all to open this place: Plamena & Mariya, The Little Things

We riked it all to open this place: Plamena & Mariya, The Little Things

Plamena: „It all started with one dream and four friends. Before opening „The Little Things“ none of us had any experience in this field, except for Tedy – our chef. We all had busy jobs in the center of Sofia – we always ate out and in a hurry. We dreamed of having a place of our own that would combine all those “little things” that make you feel at home – delicious food, good music, pleasant atmosphere and good service. That’s why we risked all to open the house. The way we found it was a miracle in itself. Great house with a yard, in the center of the city, good conditions. It sounded unrealistically well.

The house is 110 years old. The repair work took us 6 months. Places around us opened all the time – repair work all done in less than 2 weeks. This demotivated us a bit but the final result was worth it. This place became our home – many of the rooms are even similar to rooms in our own homes.”

Mariya: „The house carries a feeling of a home. I think that’s what attracts people here.”

“You are close friends and now business partners – isn’t it tough?”

Plamena: „Yes, it’s tough because everything we’ve done is way too personal. But I think that’s why we grew up so fast. There’s no way you can make something work well if you perceive it only as a job. For each one of us this is more than just a job.”

“I know you don’t cook by the cookbook?”

Plamena: „That’s right, we cook with feeling. We have complete freedom in the kitchen. We try to use mostly homemade products. Mariya cooks as well. The paradox is that she had never cooked before in her life and now she prepares the most delicious deserts.”

Mariya: „One day I came to work and I had to prepare the lunch menu. I always start with the desert. Every time I make desert I start by thinking of what I feel like eating today – what mixture of flavors and colors. Then I improvise.”

“Which is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt from this whole experience?”

Mariya: „For me it’s that behind every good idea there is a team of right people.”

“What piece of advice would you give to people who want to start something of their own, just like you did?”

Mariya: „I would say to them to draw the bottom line and figure out what they are willing to loose. Then simply act! And even if they loose, the gained experience is much more valuable.”

Plamena: „I would say to them to find the right people to do it with. And not to be afraid because of the lack of experience. Most of the people who joined our team had no experience too. Enthusiasm is much more important.”

The Little Things House


37 Tsar Ivan Shishman Str.

Mon - Sun: 12AM - 12PM

+359 882 490 030

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