My first website got me arrested: Hristo from

My first website got me arrested: Hristo from

„10 years ago, while I was still living in my home town Ruse, I ended up home, unemployed. I couldn’t find work for a long time and in my spare time I would read books on success and personal development that I had bought. Until I got the most brilliant idea – scan the books and put them online. I thought that I could sell them cheaper – at the price of a text message. That’s how I created my first website. I was earning a good monthly salary out of it.

With time the site became very popular – in Google it appeared before all bookstores and publishing houses. It became a working business but it also caused trouble. One day, as I was scanning the next book, police officers from the Chief Directorate for Fighting Organized Crime knocked on the front door. They searched the house, took me in and put me in custody. It turned out that my successful business was illegal. I had an agreement with the court and on record I am a convicted book pirate.

But way before the official court decision was ruled I had a new idea – a web platform that would combine articles and practical advice on business, entrepreneurship, psychology and marketing. And so 8 years ago I created Today it’s one of the best websites in its field and it’s living up to the purpose I created it for – to bring me income and in time give me financial independence.”

„Which is the highest price you’ve had to pay to achieve your goals?“

„I”m not giving my wife and our one-year-old daughter the attention the deserve.”

„What piece of advice would you give to people, who want to start something of their own, the same way you did?”

„Have realistic expectations. Look around in your own field, research, work harder than the competition and be ready to pay the price. In most cases the price is *your time*.”

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