I’ve learnt to never put emotion into business. Stoyan, Fresh Bar Emporium

I've learnt to never put emotion into business. Stoyan, Fresh Bar Emporium

„I’ve been doing business for over 10 years. I started after high school and I was doing business all through university. I’ve done different things and up till now I’ve not been able to fight my natural desire to simultaneously do several things.

The fresh bar was an interesting diversion from what I normally do. My business partner and I have a software company but we decided to do something totally different. Our idea was to bring to students something that was missing in their daily meal – fresh and healthy food, That’s why we chose Plovdiv University as out location.”

„You started doing business very early – still as a boy. Weren’t you scared of failure?“

„I wasn’t afraid. No one sets off with the thought of failure. On the contrary, we all believe we will success. I was the same! Of course with time I failed more than once but every failure teaches you a lesson. I’ve never let failure frighten me or stop me.

Something that was very crucial when I started was that I had someone to go to for advice. My cousin, who had already been through most of this stuff taught me a lot. Advice from people with experience can save you a lot of headaches.”

„What did you battle with?“

„My ignorance most of all. It cost me a lot of time. Now I can open a new shop for a week – I know the whole process but it’s not always been like that.”

“Which is the most valuable business lesson you’ve learnt?”

„Not to put too much feelings into business. Business has one single purpose – to add value. If it costs you more that it brings you, you have to end it. Unfortunately in the beginning I made the mistake to turn my business in *a part of me* and I would not let go even when from economical point of view it was failing. That was my lesson!”

I also learnt something else that is very important. Every time I failed I would go back and ask myself the question *why* and then I would analyse my mistakes. This process has helped me very much to work better on my ideas. As many other people I had to go through that path of working all day long and after coming back home starting work on my own ideas. It’s tough but it’s totally possible when you have a clear goal.

But the first and basic lesson is to never quit no matter what happens! You have to have a clear financial goals and never have more than two things on your plate. Every single side activity can sabotage your great idea simply because you’re not putting in the time it requires.

 „How do you turn an idea into a business?“

„With a sheet of paper and a pencil. Plan you expenses, multiply them by two and start – just like the repair work at home.”

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