I had to overcome many fears before starting my own business: Atanas, Mix of Figs

I had to overcome many fears before starting my own business: Atanas, Mix of Figs

“Two years ago I got the idea to open a vegan fast-food place. I wanted to offer the type of food all Bulgarians love so much – banitsa, sirenka, lukanka, cheese – but all of them vegan. That’s how I opened Mix of Figs – without any prior experience in owning a restaurant or having a business. The sole factor was my enthusiasm and the dream to have a place like that.”

“Which was your biggest fear before starting the business?”

“In the beginning when the idea came to me I asked myself many questions: *What happens if the business turns unsuccessful? What if I fail?*. But I knew I had to clear my head from these fears. If you start a business having thoughts like these, they will only bring you down. So I had to work on myself quite a bit and it took me years. But now I can say that I believe in myself, I’m following my dream and doing something that I really like. I changed a lot as a person to get to this point in my life.”

“What do you think is important for someone to be successful?”

Mostly liking what you do. There’s no way you can get really good at what you do, if you don’t like it. You have to be honest with yourself in order to find out what you love and then battle all arguments *against* it. A person can only be truly happy when they do what they love.”

“What helped you personally to start believing in yourself?”

I got rid of all the wrong beliefs I had. I started noticing the negative convictions I believed in – things that came from my childhood, friends, the media. All those things that stopped me from doing what I wanted. I realized that they were never my own beliefs, they had been given to me. When I realized that, they simply went away.”

“What kind of advice would you give to people who want to start their own business?”

“Don’t start with fear in your head. When you start a business you need to be ready for any outcome and at the same time strongly believe that you will be a success. In the beginning there are times when it’s so tough, times when you want to give up. But a person who truly believes will always find a way out. When you have a strong desire and work to fulfill your dream, *mere chances* start coming your way.”

“Where do you see your business in a few years?”

“I have big dreams. I want Mix of Figs to be the biggest vegan fast-food chain. I want us to have a production base and I want our brand to be recognizable everywhere.”

Mix of Figs


Sofia, 10 Neofit Rilski Str.

Mon - Sat: 9 AM - 8:30 PM; Sat: 11 AM - 7 PM

+359 888 776 419

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