I created ALL WE NEED IS PLOVEDIV inspired by my travels. Milen, Studio 24

I created ALL WE NEED IS PLOVEDIV inspired by my travels. Milen, Studio 24

“I came to Plovdiv 10 years ago! Love brought me here but I stayed because of the city, the people and the project I’m working on. The idea of the PLOVEDIV brand was born in 2010. It all started as a website for culture, created by my business partner at the time Simeon Todorov, but in time it turned into everything people know it for today – the big PLOVEDIV sign in the Old City, the ALL WE NEED IS PLOVEDIV t-shirt and the message that brings people around the atmosphere of Plovdiv.

Almost every city in Europe and the States has turned the emotion connected with the city into a recognizable brand. We’ve all heard of I LOVE NY, I AM AMSTERDAM, MADRID ABOUT YOU and other signs that have become emblematic to cities. In 2011 I got the idea that a sign like this could fit well in Plovdiv – I believed it could become an alternative symbol of the city. The project got support and sponsorship. The location was a key factor as well. PLOVEDIV is located in the center of the city but can only be seen from a few specific points. So finding it turned into an adventure for people and when someone finds it they feel they’ve found it for themselves.

A year after putting the sign up we launched the ALL WE NEED IS PLOVEDIV t-shirt – people loved it. A bit later we introduced the emblematic mascots – “the wallplug couple” as a symbol of love and the connection between people. For a period of 5 years ALL WE NEED IS PLOVEDIV became very recognizable among people from Plovdiv and also foreigners visiting the city. I see the people’s reaction to the products and the message – they love them and that makes me happy. I love Plovdiv too – I like the vibe of the city, the friendly people and the fact that it draws in people from different places.”

“What inspires your work for the project?”

“Travelling. My first travel was when I was 6 – I visited Sankt Petersburg with my parents. In the 90’s I started travelling to Europe and later on to more distant places. I’ve been to every continent except for Australia. Travelling helps me gather bags of impressions and emotions which I can later use.”

“What do you feel most proud of?”

“That I’ve never compromised with the path I chose for my life. Ever since I was a child I wanted to paint and do design and I’ve always tried my best to stay true to that dream. It’s not always been easy but I’ve always had the support of my parents. When I was still a kid I realized that no matter how talented you are, in life you constantly have to prove yourself and give your best to be better than yesterday. Life is a race.”

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