I create fashion from things you would normally throw out: Yuly, Zona Urbana

I create fashion from things you would normally throw out: Yuly, Zona Urbana

Zona Urbana was founded in 1994. I started with leather bracelets. Soon after I went to Barcelona to look for a market for the bracelets. There I saw something very interesting – accessories from recycled materials. I found that very innovative and as soon as I came back to Bulgaria I stated experimenting. Bags from newspapers, wallets from packages of fruit juice. I used all kinds of materials – rubber, packages from washing powder, packages from coffee. Step by step the work started growing and we became recognizable.

“Which is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt these 10 years?”

“There are no impossible things! I’ve learnt that from things that people throw away I can not only support myself but create things that other people with a lot of money value. I’ve learnt that I can turn something that has no value into something with great value.”

“Was it tough to start the business?”

“Yeah, it was pretty scary, especially in the beginning. When you start you can never be sure of your salary, you don’t know if the money’s going to be enough for food. Later the biggest concern is paying other people’s salaries – money they count on every month. It’s a challenge to make enough to suffice for all. Now my fears are a bit different – will I be able to open a shop abroad, will people like what I do.”

“What’s your sweetest memory?”

“Every new product launch is a mini celebration. The work takes so much time and it’s mostly manual. But it’s totally worth it. The bus-bags are a big hit. I worked on upgrading this model for a whole year. Even Evgeni Minchev got a bag.”

Zona Urbana


24 Angel Kanchev Str., Sofia

Mon - Fri: 10 AM - 7 PM

+359 888 374 369

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