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We are Busy Humans & we will show the human face of your business by telling your story!

Why advertise with a story?

Stories matter in marketing. Statistics show that stories are the fastest and most effective way for people to build emotional connections with brands and grow to like them.

Stories stir up emotions in people. EMOTIONS create a strong bond between readers and storytellers. And once you have built that connection with customers they will give you their support.

Customers who like you will easily offer their loyalty to your business. Stories are a powerful tool to build brand loyalty and show how much you worth as a company.

Оur platform offers you


Innovative way to advertise your business with a story. No aggressive marketing.

New customers

Access to a wide new audience of potential customers who would love to read your story.

Positive image

Building a positive image for your brand which ultimately leads to customer loyalty.

Standing out

How many of your competitors advertise with a story. Telling yours will make you stand out.


  • Busy Humans is one of those projects that give us the curious, hidden and interesting moments from every business' kitchen - businesses we're heard of but never had anyone to ask about. It's great that now there is a platform which tells us of the true challenges, successes and failures of our entrepreneurs and leaders. This will definitely give us a new and different way of seeing business.

    Hristo Stoyanov
    Hristo Stoyanov
    Founder at

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