About Busy Humans



We believe in human relationships! We believe that on each side of a business there are real human beings – those who create the business and those who use it. We also believe that stories are a way for those two groups of people to reconnect. Busy Humans was born from our natural desire to create that emotional connection.


We are storytellers. Our desire is to make the stories of people with business in Bulgaria more accessible and useful to readers. Our purpose is to put a face to every business and help the relationship business – client be rekindled.



  • Busy Humans is great because it puts a face to the story. I really feel like I am getting to know the people who create and run these businesses.

  • It's great that in Bulgaria there are still people who succeed in building good businesses. These are some memorable stories everyone should read!

  • I like to read about the business ideas of young and creative Bulgarians, especially in this way - through personal stories. Business through the eyes of the people who created it.



We from the Busy Humans project believe in human relationships and mutual cooperation. That is why we created a platform where people share with other people stories about projects, experiences, successes and failures, valuable lessons and morals that can be helpful to others.

Why stories?

Because we believe that stories are an universal way to communicate, inspire, teach and motivate.

Why stories about projects?

Because we have been seeing that classical organizations have lost their human side to a certain extend. Through Busy Humans we want to put a face to enterpreneurship and show that behind every project there is a real person with a real story, struggles, hardships and many lessons learnt.

Busy Humans’ mission is to inspire and educate every reader who want s to start their own project.

The project’s goal is to put a face to every project and assist in creating a quality relationship between organizations and their readers through mutual trust.

Out platform is educational and motivational and is a great place for anyone who has interest in entrepreneurship and starting your own project. The information we publish is free, of great quality and sincere. We want people who have already started their own project to use the platform to inspire and help other take initiative.

Our goal is to turn into a connection link between people who are searching for mentorship and people who are willing to offer it. We want Busy Humans to turn into the biggest online resource for inspiration on the subject of “starting a project” in Bulgaria and beyond.

Our main goal is to educate and raise awareness while helping personal and professional development using innovative and interactive methods.

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